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SKILL WEEK: KNIT 2015 with Katrina Perdue

All photo & knit creds: Katrina Perdue

All photo & knit creds: Katrina Perdue

SKILL WEEK: KNIT 2015 is YaloRUN Textiles' inaugural week in a series of 'Skill Weeks' interspersed throughout the year. Each week will be a full 7 days of workshops and demonstrations fully devoted to one major craft at a time. October 5 - 11th is KNIT, with smaller evening demo-style workshops Monday - Thursday and then ending with a big, project-based workshop on Saturday and Sunday. We are thrilled to have this year's KNIT WEEK teacher be Katrina Perdue of Memphis, whose intuitive approach to knitting is right up our alley.

SKILL WEEK: KNIT 2015 Programming:

All weekday afternoon demo/workshops are taught by Coulter and are 5:30 - 7:30pm, $10 at the door. If you sign up for the large weekend workshop taught by Katrina Perdue then all weekday workshops are included for free!


Come watch and learn how to actually start a to get that first row of stitches onto the needle (cast-on) & then how to make your 2 main stitches, knit and purl. You can just watch Coulter and/or use in-studio supplies to try it yourself. No pressure to make it look good, no project to finish. Just get the hang of it. These three steps are essential to any project and once you know them, the sky's the limit.

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Learn how to take the basic stitches & put them in order to create pretty & functional patterns in your knitted pieces. I'll have a bunch of samples knitted up that you can try on. Everything from basic ribbing to basketweave to herringbone to cables. Get in there & mess around with it.


You know how sometimes you see someone knitting with what looks like 50 needles at once? That's dpns ( double-pointed needles.) And it's not really 50 needles, it's just a few & it's used to knit small things & you can totally do it! We'll also try out circular needles (pictured left beside beautiful margarita) which are used to knit bigger things! You can also totally do that! Big n' lil Wednesday.


Knitting stripes! Knitting blocks! That's it.






Saturday October 10, 10 AM - 4 PM

SUNDAY OCTOBER 11, 12PM - 2PM (optional)

"All right - Stop. Collaborate and listen." -- Vanilla Ice. Ice, Ice baby

Whether you are new to knitting, or a seasoned pro, it's always good to stop and let yourself play every once in a while. Let go of the rules, forget about tension, mix colors and textures with abandon, try a new stitch pattern or new needles, pass your knitting to the person beside you and let them add on and clash their style with your own... 

That's right -- I said pass your knitting to the person beside you. You’ll get it back. Promise. 

Stop. Collaborate. Listen. 

In this workshop, we are going to fully embrace our creativity and love for the art of knitting. New stitch patterns will be explored, skills will be shared, and ideas will get tossed into the scrambled pile of yarn and needles that we will make in front of us. We will collaborate to make some crazy fun pieces, and hopefully leave with a completed, one-of-a-kind scarf just in time for cooler weather. If you don’t like scarves, make a pillow. Or a yarn bombed planter. Or a scrumbled freeform wall hanging. Or start a cozy blanket for finishing later. Whatever your yarn lovin heart feels like making is just fine here. 

Basic knitting knowledge is a strong plus, but not essential for this workshop. If you also like to crochet, bring your hooks and let’s really mix it up! Plan to bring at least a few skeins of yarn to work with or share with the group. This is a great opportunity to dig through your stash and pull out yarn that you have always loved but have never used. Some yarn will be provided, but the more randomness we can create through sharing, the better. Some needles and notions will be provided, but feel free to bring your favorite tools to work with or lend to the group. Come have some fun and let’s make a beautiful mess together!

Weekend Workshop fee is $75 and includes all weekdays demo programming of KNIT WEEK. Weekend workshop is 10 am - 4 pm Saturday, October 10 with the last couple hours focused on starting an actual project. An optional few hours is included on Sunday for those wanting to continue with a more relaxed knit-in help session.


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