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Kids' Quilt Making Workshop!

Just what it says. Your child will make a quilt of her or his very own design from start to finish. They will learn every step of the process....from designing to cutting shapes and piecing ( on the machine!!), to basting the layers together, to hand quilting ( not on the machine!!), to binding off the edge and attaching a hanging sleeve so that you can display the quilt on your wall. You can't learn to quilt without learning the history behind it so they will be exposed to techniques old and new.

The finished piece will be a craft sized quilt but the general technique can be applied to any sized quilt and they'll have the skills they need to continue on their own. Can you imagine your 8 year old making an entire quilt from start to finish?! I can.

This workshop is open to 3rd graders through highschool.

Workshop is every Tuesday in January from 3:15 ( or 3:30 if coming from Oxford) to 5:00/5:30 pm. Cost is $150, all materials included. This is a real deal workshop, we're gonna make something good & beautiful. Sign them up HERE.

Both quilts pictured from Gee's Bend, AL.

Both quilts pictured from Gee's Bend, AL.