The YaloRun Studio House is a 106 year old craftsman bungalow situated on an open acre of field beside the woods and located one block off Main Street.

The house is 3 blocks from yaloRUN Textiles, 3.5 blocks from BTC Grocery, 1 block from Crawdad Hole Jr., and 2 blocks from the Larson’s CashSaver, Sonic, and a terrific running track at the Crawford Sports Complex. YaloRUN House is a two minute walk from Water Valley's Main Street which offers small town delights including local hardware stores, autoparts store, local newspaper office, and vintage stores. Main Street also houses one of the town's major points of pride, Turnage's Drugstore, a 105 year old pharmacy featuring a beautiful old soda fountain and continuously operated by the same family since its inception. That's about all you'll need, well within walking distance.